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  1. Unique Get Well Card Messages for Different Relationships

Unique ‘Get Well’ Card Messages for Different Relationships


When a loved one falls ill, it can be hard to put difficult emotions and well wishes into words on paper. Rather than wracking your already-stressed brain for the right words, try penning some of these messages in your “get well soon” card.

For Your Mother:

  • To the woman who raised me to be strong, I share some of that strength with you. I know you’ll get through this because you’re the strongest person I know. I love you and am wishing you all the best in your recovery.
  • It wasn’t until now that I truly realized all that you do for me — like always knowing where my stuff is! All joking aside, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. I know you’ll be back on your feet, feeling better than ever, in no time.
  • I’m just now realizing that, apparently, even Wonder Woman can get sick. Sending lots of positive vibes and even more hugs and kisses your way as you heal, mom.
  • I know this isn’t the way you wanted to spend your time, but take comfort in knowing that you’ll come out of this stronger than ever. Wishing you all the best as you make your way towards a speedy recovery!

For Your Father:

  • When I was younger and would fall, a big hug from you always made me feel better. While this illness may be bigger than a scratched knee, I’m hoping a big hug and lots of love from me has the power to make you feel better, too!
  • We’re looking forward to having you back home, safe and sound with us. Like Hercules said, “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” To my hero and personal Hercules, know that you can beat this!
  • Like you always taught me, a positive attitude can get you through almost anything. We’re all sending you lots of love, positivity, and prayers, dad. We love you, get well soon!

For a Grandparent

  • You took care of me when I was little, so now it’s my turn to take care of you. Sending you all my love and well-wishes for a speedy recovery, "Grandma/ Nana".
  • How dare germs try to make a home in my grandma! I’m wishing you the speediest of recoveries and sending you all my love!
  • Before you know it, you’ll beat this illness and we’ll be back to baking too many cookies at your house. I can’t wait to see you again, Grandma.
  • Here’s hoping that a little encouragement goes a long way. Sending you all my love and hopes for an easy and speedy recovery!

For a Friend

  • I guess germs find you as irresistible as I do! I hope you get well soon so we can go back to spending every day together.
  • Charles R. Swindoll said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Try to think of this illness as just another obstacle to overcome. You’ve got this!
  • Instead of seeing this as a hospital stay, think of it as a spa package that includes plenty of relaxing, free food, and check-ups! Don’t worry though—once you’re better, we’ll go for an actual spa day (on me!).
  • I may not have a degree in medicine, but here’s to hoping I have friendship’s healing touch. Sending all my love and hoping you get well soon!

For a Coworker

  • You know, there are better ways to get out of work than getting sick. I’m really missing my desk buddy lately and wishing you a speedy recovery.
  • I’m sorry to hear you had to take a sick day because you’re actually sick. I hope you get well soon and we can return to our daily lunch dates!
  • You’re in everyone’s thoughts as you recover from your illness. Best wishes that you’ll be back in the office soon. We love and miss you!

For a Significant Other

  • To the love of my life: it pains me to see you ill, but know that I’ll be by your side every step of the way. Here’s to an easy recovery and getting back to our lives together.
  • For years, your smile made me feel better, even on the toughest days. Here’s to hoping that my smile brings you even half the joy that you’ve always brought me.
  • Like we said in our vows, “in sickness and in health.” I’ll be here for you day or night, dear. In a short period of time, this will all be a distant memory, but we will both be stronger for it.
  • We’ve been through a lot together, and this is just another hurdle to make it over. I’ll be here to hold your hand, feed you soup, and help nurse you back to health. I love you.

As an added gesture, bring some life, color and joy into your loved one’s life by attaching your card to a lovely floral bouquet.