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  1. Roses

Rose Color Meanings

Giving a rose can be a truly symbolic gesture! Let it express exactly how you feel by choosing a rose color based on its meaning. From romantic red and graceful white, to majestic purple and pretty pink, roses can say it all! From romantic red to graceful white, choose a rose color to let them know exactly how you feel!

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Red Roses

A classic expression of love, longing or desire. Red roses can also convey respect, admiration or devotion.
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Pink Roses

While overall, pink roses connote admiration, elegance and grace, each shade has its own meaning. Light pink blooms symbolize sweetness and innocence, while deep pink blooms convey gratitude and appreciation.
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Purple Roses

Most commonly associated with enchantment, purple roses are used to express "love at first sight". Darker shades convey a sense of majesty and splendor.
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Yellow Roses

Yellow roses symbolize friendship, making them the perfect birthday gift for a close friend or relative. Yellow flowers are also a symbol of happiness, so send yellow roses if a friend needs cheering up!
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White Roses

A symbol of purity, innocence and new beginnings, white roses are also known as the "bridal" flower. White roses are also used as an expression of sympathy.
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Orange Roses

With a vibrancy and exuberance all their own, orange roses signify passion, energy and intense desire, not to mention a sense of fascination.
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Multicolor Roses

By gathering different rose colors together, you can express a range of feelings. For example, red & white roses together symbolize unity, while red and yellow roses convey delight.
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"I love how every rose color conveys its own unique sentiment. There's a story behind each bloom that begins when we're developing our new & truly original arrangements."
- Julie Mulligan, VP of Product Development